Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Well, it's the Fourth of July! We have been having amazingly beautiful weather here and I must admit I have gotten absolutely NO sewing done to speak of! Usually, our summer weather officially arrives about July 5th but this year we have been lucky and are getting an early dose. After spending a beautiful day out on the bay soaking up some vitamin D and getting ready for fireworks, and no stitching to be seen anywhere, I'll have to go back a year for some patriotic eye candy.

This RWB scrappy tumbler quilt was made for one of my lovely aunts last summer. I tried out the AccuQuilt Go! fabric cutter at Fabric Etc. in Bellingham and used the 6" tumbler die for this. What a snap! I think it took about ten minutes to cut the whole top. It probably took me longer to cut the border fabric :) The other cool thing about the die cutter is that the dies cut a little notch in your pieces that you line up when you sew - perfect points! (a rarity in my sewing room, I must admit.)

That thing is pretty slick! It was fun to play with too and having it at the shop means I don't have to find room for it in the sewing room. Bonus!

Happy stitching and a very happy 4th,


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