Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Making it my own #mystashmystyle - round 2!

I've been having so much fun with the #mystashmystyle contest with Jeni Gaston. Have you started yet? Well, don't hesitate because the process is fun and the results may surprise you!

Today I'd like to share my second re-envisioned project from Jeni's book Primitive Style. Don't worry, you only have to do one to enter the contest, either from Primitive Style or my book, Stash Lab, but you will be tempted to try more!

So for this project, I started with Jeni's original project called "Cozy Home".
"Cozy Home" by Jenifer Gaston, image courtesy of Martingale.

The original is designed as a journal cover and that's what I started out to make. But as I was pulling fabric from my stash closet, I came across some flea market frames and had a light bulb moment! I decided to keep the design the same but trim down the size to be a framed project instead. Eureka!

Here are the changes I made to this project:
  •  like "Resting Place", I used cotton fabric instead of wool. 
  • Switched to fusible applique with top-stitching on my machine. 
  •  I trimmed it down and framed it instead of completing it as a journal cover. I used a standard 8x10 frame and it fit perfectly.
  •  This time I skipped the quilting step (so no batting) though because I thought it would be fine framed without.

Top-stitching in process...

And voila! Here's my version of "Cozy Home"...

I love how this turned out. Wouldn't this make a thoughtful house-warming gift? Hmmm...

And just for fun and because it's spring, here's a sneak peak at the fabric bundles that will be included as part of the prize pack for #mystashmystyle - straight out of my stash...will you get a chance to win?! I hope so!

Happy stash stitching,