Monday, June 24, 2013

Color cousins

What a fun day! I was able to spend time with my good friend Pam and peek into the world of our color cousins at the Northwest Weavers Guild Conference. I'm not a weaver (or a spinner, or a knitter, for that matter!) but there was a lot to look at and enjoy while we got our color fix for the day. We spent some time in the market area and it's easy to see that these fiber artists are just as hooked on color and texture as quilters are! Here's some fun color eye candy to share:

Beginnings of a new stash????....
flying geese re-imagined?

String quilt possibilities???....
Felted wool! These adorable houses were about 3 feet high. The attention to detail was amazing.

Check out these adorable little felted wool cuties on the clothesline between the houses! Loving the poodle skirt!
Thanks Pam for a fun day!

Happy stitching,


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