Friday, July 26, 2013

Christmas in July and a new pattern

I really wonder sometimes why I feel like working on different projects at odd times of the year. Halloween quilt in February, sure. Red, white and blue in April, yep. Christmas in July, you bet! This project actually had some other deadlines attached so that may explain part of it but I am thrilled to show you my first pattern design!

It's a Christmas tree skirt pattern called "All I Want for Christmas" and it's in stores locally now and available nationally through for retail and wholesale distribution (Pattern #TA-101). Here's a link to Fabric-Etc's blog post about it with a picture of the sample that Tracey made for the shop and to help me test the pattern. (Thanks Tracey!) Check out my pattern page for more info on where you can find it.

It was a really fun project to work on although I have to admit that I procrastinated on actually finally making it! My sister had asked for a tree skirt (about five years ago...) and I hemmed and hawed until the idea came together. Like most of my designs, the idea comes first and then I have to figure out how to make it work!

I tackled this project like eating a pie - one slice at a time! It's broken down into 8 wedges that you piece and quilt individually and then sash them together at the end. It's pretty big - measures 60" in diameter for the very simple reason that we have really big Christmas trees in our family! Also, I figure if I'm going to make such a cool tree skirt I want to be able to see it, not have it shoved all the way under the tree!

If you're new to paper piecing or free motion quilting, this may be just the project for you. The paper foundation piecing is very basic and suitable for a beginner. Also, it lends itself to experimentation with FMQ because you are always working with very manageable sized sections - and let's face it, this will end up under a tree on the floor so cut yourself some slack and have fun!

Happy stitching,



  1. Another awesome pattern! <3 it !

  2. I am making this tree skirt and I have a question about the "cone" section. If I try to match the register marks on sections B and C the bottom and top parts of those sections don't match. Should I ignore the register marks and just butt the pieces together based on the top and bottom? Also, should part A overlap B and C? I have to overlap it about 1/4" in order to get the sides to match. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chay,
      So sorry I haven't responded sooner! I must have overlooked your comment on the post! Anyway, you may have worked past this point already, but if don't need to worry about the register marks, just line up the top and bottom. Same for the sides - you don't need them to match perfectly. The step I would add to fix these little discrepancies would be to even up the sides of your quilted pie pieces before sashing them together. A 1/4" here and there won't really matter at that point. As long as you have a smooth edge to attach them together, the pie will fit together. When sashing the pie wedges, line up the outside bottom edge. The top inner circle can be trimmed up when they're all attached. Just freehand or use a saucer to trace a small circle around the top and trim. I apologize for the imperfections in the pattern printing - it has been quite a learning experience for me. I hope it hasn't been too frustrating for you! Best - Tonya

    2. Thanks for your reply. I finished the project a while back. It turned out fine, but it was a little frustrating. Please don't take offense, but since this is a pattern that people have to buy it would be great to include the tips you listed above, or else make corrections in the register marks on the pattern. Maybe you have already done that and, if so, it would help a less experienced person do the project.