Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time to set the table

My scrappy summer table runner project continues. Here's the layout option I chose:

Original option #7

quilted, bound and ready for the table.

I quilted it free motion using Leah Day's pattern called "Paisley". If you haven't checked out her website - DO! It's awesome. She does great demo videos, tons of designs and she shares all of her knowledge for FREE! It's a great resource.
Half-way there...

The Paisley design I chose was very fun and pretty easy. Of course, the longer you do it, the better you get. I had some speed issues on the widest curve but overall, I was happy with my FM effort this time around.

After quilting, I decided to round off the edges. This is super easy to do using an everyday dinner plate. I just lined up the edges at each corner and chopped them off! The only other thing you have to do differently is to use binding cut on the bias so that you can bend around the edges.
No measuring necessary - just make sure the plate touches both edges.

the bits...

the finished project in its new home

Cost for this project:
scrap 1 1/2" strips: 0
scrap batting leftover from a bigger project: 0
1/2 yard backing taken from stash: I'm counting this as 0 since it was at least 5+ years old!
fat quarter from my stash for the binding: 0

= a totally free project!

(The most expensive thing on this table now is the awesome, hand-painted wooden platter I scored at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for $1! Got to love that!)

Happy summer stitching,


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  1. That turned out perfect! Thanks for sharing each step, and the amount $ you saved! <3