Friday, March 21, 2014

Kitchen Chicken

Time for a little Spring spruce up. I'm almost too embarrassed to even show you the before picture of my much-loved, over-used pot holders that have been residing in my kitchen since forever. I decided it was time to do something about them so I whipped up a couple of new potholders recently.

Super easy and I really cannot think of a reason I haven't done this before now! Here's what you need to get started:
Front fabric, backing fabric and some special heat-resistant batting - in my case, Insul-Bright.

Cut an 8" square from the front fabric, backing fabric and the batting (I like to use 2 layers of batting because nothing is worse that taking a hot pan of lasagna out of the oven and having the heat start to get through before you get to the table!) I also, fussy-cut my chicken down a little and added a strip of the backing fabric for her "nest" because the rectangles I was starting with just didn't work for me.

O.k., now you layer and pin the layers all together.
(yes, I know this picture is upside down but oh well. Friday technical difficulties.)
 Time to quilt! I just used my walking foot for some straight grid lines.

See how I cheated and used a cross-hatch patterned fabric for the backing? No marking for the quilting lines necessary!
Trim them up, add some binding and voila! I didn't even bother with the little hanger loop on the corner because never in my life have I actually hung a potholder! They get tossed in a drawer in my house.

Now, to get these babies broken in and maybe I'll be ready to let the old ones finally go.....

Happy kitchen stitching,


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  1. Do you put the batting so both sides are facing each other or so a special side is facing the outside of the potholder?